Personal branding photography and hand lettering in Regensdorf

I am Sandra, an enthusiastic photographer and hand lettering artist calling Regensdorf, Switzerland home. 
As a photographer Switzerland I am offering various photo sessions. I am specialized in Personal Branding photography, portraits and event photography.
In the creative section I am offering hand lettering workshops, paintings and I do commissional work.

Photography, hand lettering and more

Photography and Creativity are a match, for real? Of course!

To SEE is the core of both. My view on things - either through the lens of the camera or my mind's eye and finally with the eye of the beholder.

Visualizing | Reimagine through creativity | Sharing beauty | Inspiring people

Thanks to my intense customer and marketing background I can support you in projects and our collaboration. I am a fun and outgoing person and therefore love to  work with fun people on really cool projects. We collaborate with dignity and respect. Life is hard enough, let's have some fun in what we are doing.

More about me as a photographer...

...can be read here Photography and Creativity

You are already familiar with my work and like to work with me? Directly go to Photography | Creativity
You can contact me in English, German, Swiss German and Dutch. For all other languages, please draw in Doodles ;-)

You find updates on my social media account for both of my focus areas combined.

Please respect my work!

All photo's and creative work are captured and/or created by me.  Any other usage in total or in part or replication on other platforms or media without prior contact and my approval are strictly prohibited. Please get in touch first.