My creative vein


I've been creative since I was a little girl. I always carried my pens and paper with me. One could keep me occupied with it for hours.

Painting and handlettering is my passion besides photography. 

Searching through my cupboards years ago, I discovered my Mum's old calligraphy book. I am one of those, not really admiring their own handwriting but I wanted to give it a try anyway. Maybe, there was hope....I attended a few courses with a wonderful teacher and my writing skills improved. I tried various techniques and materials.

Handlettering course

In spring of 2019 I tried lettering with brush pens. I was soon fascinated by all those colors and materials, styles and endless variations. I basically sat down more or less every night and lettered just one word or training on a letter. When I look at my drawings from the start, it is amazing, how you improve over time adapting your style. I find great joy surprising people with handmade and handwritten notes, drawings, a lovely memory or a Thank you.

I am now offering handlettering workshops to teach others how to handletter.

Recently I started working digital and improving my know-how day by day. Fantastic what you can do.

Art on a garbage bin

The city of Olten in Switzerland placed a couple of garbage bin's with beautiful art throughout the city in late 2019. One of them, reimagined by myself. An amazing idea of the local recycling business to bring some color into the city center. Hopefully, more cities will look into this kind of art projects.