Personal Branding photography

Personal Branding visibility for you and your business

Spending hours and hours looking online for images for your social media content, website and communication media and still not finding what fits to your band, personality nor focussing on your target customers. We all have matching shoes for each outfit, why not a matching image gallery?

Your own image gallery

100% YOU, unique, distinctive and not replaceable. Ready to use in all your communication media.

Thanks to my longterm experience in Business Development and Marketing, I know the importance positioning yourself towards your focus group on the internet and in social media. Alike the content of your website and communication, your visibility is key with authentic images reflecting your personality and values and aligning with your company branding.
Personal Branding photos tell stories. They show who you are, how you position yourself, how you can help your target customers and what you represent.
They fit to your website, support your content and you are using them for your Social Media stories bringing experiences to your target audience.

Having that laid out, we take those photo's where you prefer, at your business or a place you feel most comfortable.

Is Personal Branding Photography something for you?

No matter if you are running your own business or working in a smaller company. Personal Branding Photography supports you independently, no matter if you are offering a product or a service. 

Also key opinion leaders in company shall have their authentic image gallery as well they use together with their communication. 

If you are working as a coach, matching images are important as YOU are the product you offer to your target audience. 

Personal Branding Photography event

Having your picture taken ist always special. It is important to me, to get to know us up front. We see if we are a match and if we are able to build trust. This is helping us in our future collaboration. It shall feel easy relaxed and intuitiv for both of us.

You are getting my full support, check lists to help our planning and all my know-how and experience.

Let's focus on a good planning. So I can learn, what is important to your business. What is your common golden thread, the visual effect on your target customers visiting your website and social media profiles? What is your branding, your logo and corporate colors?

Considering emotional branding, I am focussing towards what prompt feelings your target customers experience visiting your website and social media profiles. What are your values? What is important to you?

All of this shall be visual within the images later on.

We define the photo shooting locations and the message, the photos shall transport for the channels you want them to publish. We consider your outfits, colors and styles. Let's take 2-3 weeks planning before the photo shoot to discuss everything and I can visualize specific ideas. With my experience, I can offer detailed support for your ideas if you like. 
On the day of the photo shootings, we'll take enough time. Getting your picture taken is exhausting. A casual, relaxed atmosphere on set, lots of fun and sufficient time are essential. Besides camera handling, analyzing light situations, observing and focus I concentrate on that certain something of personality, capturing its uniqueness. For me, details are also part of it.

We look at the images and define those you like best, fit to your brand, values and target customers.
After that, I'll prepared them accordingly for your channels.

Most important for me is the joy doing what I love, working with people and images, capturing unique personalities. I put into action, what is important to you.