Under water macro photography

Here you can find a selection of small and large wonders below sea level. Many more are just in my head, as the situation was just not right to take the image or I was too stunned and just enjoyed the moment. I started under water photography after more than 200 dives. Once you master leveling yourself under water, there is less chance to damage this fragile world and a better chance for good images. My above water macro experience certainly helps a lot. I priority under water is always to protect the environment and be very cautious when taking images. I am just a guest for a short amount of time and don't want to leave any trace.
I am using a compact UW camera with flash and my lamp.

Above water macro photography

I love to check out the garden for critters and tiny animals. I admire dragon flies a lot and love to capture them whenever I get the chance. I usually don't work with a tripod, I shoot manually. Sometimes, I forget to breathe luckily I managed so far.
I am using my camera in manual mode and manual focus as well as a Macro 105mm f2.8. I like it a lot, focus is key as well as a steady and and of course a windless day helps a lot.